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SBA’s award-winning architecture and interiors remain on the cutting-edge of contemporary, innovative design. Our work seeks to promote sophisticated and livable environments, whether a project involves revamping a century-old building into a modern scientific facility or planning and executing an expansive residential or healthcare campus. At SBA, we aim to improve the lives of those who live and work in the environments we create, no matter the size or scale.

Our “Featured Projects” section represents SBA’s recent forays into healthcare, residential, academic, and commercial design. These projects highlight SBA’s commitment to delivering exceptional aesthetic design in efficient, sustainable, and affordable facilities.

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Legacy Projects

Since SBA’s founding in 1932, we have undertaken a wide breadth of work, from the Devonshire, Boston’s first downtown residential high-rise to corporate and commercial developments such as the 600 Club at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox and the origination of healthcare networks like Harvard Community Health Plan.

Our “Legacy Projects” section represents SBA’s rich history of architectural and interior design practice—including work for clients who still partner with us today, decades after our first projects were completed.

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Today’s college students select schools as much for lifestyle as for quality of education. To attract the top students, each campus facility must reflect the innovative living and learning dynamic that defines your community, from classrooms and libraries to multi-use student centers and residence halls.

SBA’s architects and planners work with our clients to evolve your school’s history into its future, using architecture and interior design as instruments of change. We collaborate with students, faculty, and administrators to understand your missions for both today and tomorrow. The result is not just a functional, sustainable, and beautiful space—it’s a home.

SBA has worked with diverse institutions from large-scale research universities to local community colleges. We combine our extensive experience in residential and commercial design with expertise in campus planning to create traditional and technological classrooms, residence halls, student centers, libraries, and laboratories. 

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SBA的建筑师和规划人员与业主携手合作,以建筑设计和室内设计为变革手段,将学校的历史融入其未来发展之中。我们与学生、教职人员和管理层紧密合作,深入理解并掌握学校当前和未来的使命和愿景,使我们创造的建筑不仅是满足功能要求、具有可持续性、外观优美, 更充满了家的氛围。


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Civic and Community

Civic architecture reflects a community’s local ambitions as well as its global aspirations. Whether we are designing a museum, a concert hall, a community center, or a cultural destination, SBA helps clients to promote their local identity while inspiring their future citizenry. We aim to empower people to shape their environment.

SBA works closely with clients as well as with representative community groups and local historic, transportation, and planning commissions in order to facilitate consensus for complex civic projects. Understanding that these spaces must be integrated into broader contexts, we pay careful attention to overall settings and use strategic planning to produce impressive designs that complement and advance the existing community.

Our work on civic projects covers a broad spectrum of urban and suburban spaces, including local community centers, houses of worship, cultural centers, museums, and performance spaces.


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Corporate Office/Commercial

Corporate and commercial environments have evolved significantly over the past 25 years, and our design philosophy has grown with these changes to address new concepts and innovations. While the 70s and 80s highlighted the creation of expansive R&D campuses separate from residential developments, today we design suburban and urban towns and business districts that incorporate new approaches to integrative environments for living and working.

SBA’s mission has been to create sustainable and energy-efficient developments that allow our clients to plan for their continued performance far into the future. We measure our success by praise we receive from our clients and their workers who spend each day in these environments. 

Our work for corporate and commercial clients has included office environments for financial and law firms, physicians, city and government agencies, and high-tech telecommunications and computer facilities. 


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The healthcare industry is one of the most complex and challenging markets today, requiring innovative vision combined with expert design and planning strategies. With physical campuses often built over decades, healthcare environments have diverse needs for both current and future facilities. Designers must plan for and understand these constantly evolving technologies and models of care.

SBA has worked with more than 200 healthcare organizations around the world. With this experience, we have developed the tools and resources to lead clients through the complicated process of planning for tomorrow while using the resources of today. We pride ourselves on fostering long-term strategic partnerships that span decades of service. 

SBA has worked on more than 1,000 healthcare projects worldwide. We have expertise in planning and designing for every type of healthcare facility for inpatient, outpatient, and residential healthcare and support needs.  

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Interior Environments

Our interior designers ensure that built environments respond to each occupant’s needs. We produce facilities that can provide the kind of comfort and privacy for occupants, employees, and visitors that will generate long-term user satisfaction. We integrate efficient and sustainable finishes, furnishings, colors and artwork with strategic lighting design and facility layouts to generate aesthetically superb spaces. 

SBA’s interior designers are integrated into each of our cohesive design teams. Our architects and interior designers collaborate daily, making us sensitive to the inter-relationships between building elements and interior dynamics. Our interiors staff provides constant communication with our clients at critical points of the design process, including the selection and coordination of furniture, finishes, and equipment. 

Interior designers at SBA have a vast array of experience in all of our market sectors, including healthcare, residential, academic, corporate, and senior living facilities. 

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SBA的室内设计师对我们所涉足的行业都具有非常丰富的经验,包括医疗保健、 住宅、 学术、 企业以及高级生活设施等。

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Life Sciences and Labs

State-of-the-art laboratory environments accommodate sophisticated personnel, process, and technology needs that are constantly evolving. With our diverse experience leading projects for academic, healthcare, and research and development clients, we design dynamic spaces that capture the excitement of innovation and connect scientists through thoughtful planning.

Awareness of the long-term operational considerations of facilities has led us to a creative but balanced approach to developing solutions that improve productivity, adapt to evolving scientific instruments and technology, and reduce energy consumption. 

We provide the insight to address issues early and integrate systems and components for each project’s unique challenges striving to design safe, sustainable laboratory environments that are timeless both in their aesthetic appeal and in their ability to support science.

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生命科学 & 实验室




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A residential building is a home to many, a workplace for some, and a place to visit for others. The purpose of these buildings extends far beyond the solid frameworks and durable materials of their construction. Each space must enhance the lives and communities of everyone that experiences it. Planning for the building’s evolving needs 25 or even 50 years into the future allows us to support a community and its residents as they continue to grow.

SBA has completed more than 100,000 housing units worldwide, ranging from 50-unit urban infill projects to brand-new, sustainable eco-towns serving 25,000 occupants. Our expertise ranges from apartments and condominiums to affordable housing, senior living communities, and student housing. We draw on our diverse experience to develop individual buildings and large-scale complexes that balance public and private, community and individuality. 

Our residential designs have featured adaptive reuse, cluster housing, congregate housing, high-rise buildings, historic preservations, row houses, and sustainable low-energy housing as well as market-rate, luxury, traditional, and contemporary designs.

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Senior Living

Senior care communities demand an intimate understanding of multiple environments, including hospitality, healthcare, and residential design. Using our expertise in these fields, we develop facilities that provide comfort, convenience, and dignity for residents, staff, and visitors alike. 

We create enhanced residential environments that are complemented by accessible common-use facilities and advanced healthcare provisions. Our mission is to support our clients’ goals of delivering high-end care with high-quality living. 

SBA has a long history of designing mixed-use housing developments for retired and senior residents, from full-scale continuing care retirement communities to independent residences, assisted living units, long-term care, and special needs facilities. 

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Urban Design/Mixed Use

Urban developments and mixed-use environments uniquely combine commercial and retail facilities with restaurants, entertainment venues, recreational facilities, and public green spaces. We take pride in designing each of these distinct features as elegant individual elements that combine into beautifully integrated communities. 

Developments that serve a wide range of services and needs such as these require designers who can offer a variety of creative solutions and strategies. SBA draws on our long-ranging expertise across market sectors, including residential, hospitality, commercial, and civic design, to enable our clients to imagine innovative and forward-thinking possibilities for their unique mixed-use projects.

We have worked on the design and implementation of mixed-use and urban design projects both in the U.S. and China. Our projects have covered programming from retail, commercial, and residential complexes to destination entertainment centers and new eco urban towns, with several of our projects in China covering more than five million total square feet. 

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